Thursday, November 18, 2010


another thursday, another cycle of kepaniteraan klinik dasar. last month i was excited on learning clinical skills and having the chance on "acting" like a real doctor. now i'm bored, exhausted and really need something new to freshen up my life a lil' bit. eye examinations. today i learned on how to inspect the anterior chamber,iris,conjunctiva bla2~and please don't get me started on the hours wasted waiting for the lecturer to come in (thank god she's good).

eyes are a pair of gift from god, used to transmit the images captured from the light/colour reflecting medium on/in this planet. one can simply catch all type of colours exist, from the hyper-boring harrison internal medicine textbook to plain porn :P but as a human, frankly speaking, i'm not aware on how valuable these precious eyeballs for me. one will only feel the loss of precious things when one actually lose them. it is called withdrawal syndrome. human beings just will not be easily satisfied, either u have a mountain of precious gold, or a gf as hot as megan fox~one would never feel they had enough. that's why we have corruption and sex scandals (WAYNE ROONEY YOU ARE A SEX MANIAC!!!). so the next time u heard a friend or someone close acting stupid by acting like any i mentioned above?dont criticized them much. they're not angles. they're imperfect fools,like you and me.but yes,you can simply ignore and kick their sorry asses if they're too stupid and repeat their mistakes again and again ( YOU SUCK WAYNE ROONEY!!!)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

transformation or evolution?

Hello. again. it was quite a long time since the last article that i posted. lots have happened too in

that period of time. so i would like to start this new post with something light.

As u can see above is the picture depicting us, human, as originally evolves from monkeys.

Im not writing an article about religion today,so please forgive me if u think i'm being insensitive

human nowadays thinks they're so smart,they can actually do anything. some of them even

think they can live on their own. the fact is, they don't. they're simply bloody fools who thinks

they own the planet. monkeys in the other hand, stay like monkeys. they don't throw away their

younglings. theĆ½ don't backstab their friends (they even clean them from ticks!), and they don't

get annoyed or disgusted if one of their own fart in front of them. so why are we so glorified by

our advanced civilization when we actually behave worst then monkeys? so Darwin, did we

underwent evolution to be transformed into monkeys? or worst?

CHARLES DARWIN!! YOU'RE A BLOODY FOOL!!! (and u look like a monkey too :D)

Monday, January 5, 2009

the siege~

it's the 10th day since the Israelis army commenced their air attack on the Palestinians.Hundreds of innocent lives were claimed every single day,childrens whom parents were killed,losing their hope of surviving.Muslims, stayed silent, even in this darkest hours of "modern colonialization", selfishly ignoring the responsibility to defend the palestine's historic and holy land,from the blood-thirst zionist.

The newly elected Barrack Obama,the so called "man-of-the-year", suddenly lost his voice, and pretended that he's not "eligible" to speak out while George Bush is still occupying the oval office,continuing on his agenda of "fight against terrorism",which is totally irrelevant~other than his "victory"of sending the previous Iraq president, Saddam Hussein to the gallows,which i think,more to a "personal war" rather than the highly-proclaimed search for the mass-destruction-weapon, which end up bluntly~well done Bush jr.~

How can we all keep on living in this world while others we're killed and slaughtered every single day?The Gaza strip is being ravaged,day by day,by missiles and heavily-armoured tanks,while the civilians only equipped with tiny stones and blazing determination to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque,which is the 1st kiblat for the muslims.How funny it is to see the fact that the arabic countries that surrounds Israel,having the advantage in manpower,just critisizing the attacks without bold actions,selfishly blinded their eyes from probably the greatest massacre in the history of humanity

Action speaks louder than words,but words are better than doing nothing~

Saturday, November 15, 2008

hey jude : )

ive been listening to some oldies lately (couple of years old i guess),and strangely, melly goeslow's "ada apa dengan cinta" and "ku bahagia" : P and not forgetting the legendary beatles' "hey jude".it's kinda weird when sometimes people enjoys things that have passed years ago,without a sign of boredomeness shown while enjoying these so-called "classics"."history repeats itself",well,no doubt about that ; ) or perhaps the quality of today's music is undoubtly terrible and boring?well...some of them i guess....or maybe im just getting old : P

just finished my 2nd module for this semester,and ive passed my gastroenterohepatology module (relieved~) coming up!dermatology!everything to do with skin and skin diseases..some called it the toughest module for this semester,well,wish me luck then ; ) studying medicine is quite...tough.i remember,back then when i was young and stupid... ( : P haha) i thought medicine is similar to basic biology,where i had dissected frogs to learn anatomy and ignited peanuts to measure the enegy produced by the process of combustion? : P but the fact is...medicine is far more complicated then memorizing the citric-acid-cycle~its the combination of anatomy,physiology,patology,pharmacology and histology.every single unit matters,from the microscopic mitochondria that generates ATP,to the humongous liver that have more than 500 fuctions in our body.well...learning medicine is quite interesting...yet complicated.but hey,it would be f-ing boring to live a life with absolutely no obstacles and challenges.that's why God gives us brain,remember?

15th of november was eja's birthday,one of my best-buddies here.well,happy birthday eja : ) we went out,having a good friday together with her housemates and not forgetting aki and zul.i played about 8 games of bowling (till now i can hardly bend my thumb,because it had swollen pretty badly~) and ive done pretty well indeed : ) zahidah and eja think i should quit playing futsal and focus on playing bowling for the next pkpmi event though~haha.well,regarding last week's futsal tournament,i was quite dissapointed with the results,and with the team is not a requires team-spirit,communication and unity within the players in the team itself.every single player has a specific task "appointed" to him,whether if he is a defender,a goalkeeper,or a striker.well,being a striker,i cant keep on playing the ball from the backline all the way to the opponents' goal.i need ball supplies,thru-passes,and sadly enough,i had couple of chances,which i did not completed well.credits to pokjak and the strong backline consists of apai,wak zul and din that had played well.we lost one of our playmaker that day,huhu.again,its not a one-man-game ; )

well,let bygones be bygones~HAPPY BIRTHDAY EJA :D

Friday, November 7, 2008

Her Majesty's Secret Service ; )

ive watched the latest of the Bond series,titled "Quantum of Solace",and it is a purely action-packed Bond movie ive ever watched!starring Daniel Craig as Bond,and the gorgeous Olga Kurylenko (not forgetting the new Aston Martin DBS : P),its a well-mixtured blend of revenge and adrenaline.Daniel Craig did well,playing his role as a heartless British secret service agent,but this time...killing unpurposely,without missions...and cool gadgets : ( (not forgetting the ruined DBS!urghhh!!) i cant spill all the critics out because some of us (those in the states : P) haven't watch this movie yet...well,im feeling sorry for that one Bond-fan over there : P

well,enough of bond.let's talk about real doing fine nowadays,and sorry for the abandoned blog, keeping myself busy lately : P surviving the rheumatomusculoskeletal module.its a quite interesting subject by the way,learning about bones,muscles,how humans use them,diseases related with the skeletal system,except for Dr Tanu's lecture on pharmacology : P (which i did not attend).it teaches me to appreciate the structures that built me,BONES and MUSCLES,so that i wont use it excessively...and drink more milk : P

last monday was the "makan-makan" event organised by my batch,celebrating those whose birthday was on the month of July,August,September and October (mine was 24th of August 1988 btw : P).it was held at The Buffet,where i enjoyed endless supply of roasted duck and tenpayakki-grilled-beef-burgers : D all of us had a great time there,getting to know each other more (apai mentioned to the crowd that i "ignorantly" do not know every single girl's name in our batch,which i found out to be "not important" : P) and enjoying some interesting activities,planned by Mus (Good job!).btw,pijot asked me a rather sensitive question."apsal aku tengok ko xrapat sangat aa dgn boys?" : P well,pijot,sometimes...we have this 'circle',where one thinks that the people that mingle well within the circle to be more....friendly,and it doesnt mean i cant socialize with the people outside the circle : ) "btw,aku normal pijot,ko xperlu risau : P" huhu~


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

today is saturday~

the 4th day of raya,just got back from playing tennis at mpsah (some college) with my ibrahim friends.i played badly?well,must be the PTS (post-traumatic-syndrome) that ekey mentioned last few weeks : P but i think it's the post-raya-syndrome caused by excessive consumption of pulut and rendang,causing fat build-up to occur around the abdominal part of the body,leading to obesity,thus causing whatever~ : P

last night i was hanging out with my friends,the same ol ibrahim friends : P starbucking n mamaking (java chips with whipped cream on top to end the day,nice~).all of them study overseas,except fifi,with his transnasional airlines (departing daily from puduraya i'ntl airport,as he said : P), so it was like the time of the year where everyone gather n chat till the mamak feels "reluctant" to take our orders (kayu punya anne!!) .well,guess what?all my friends who's taking medicine,all in the 'single,not availabe' status : P suprise....suprise....well,is it caused by the hectic schedule?or by the 'long-distance-relationship' factor?whatever it happy with my current status : ) it all depends on both sides,the girl and the boy,the "understanding" n "give and take" for me?i need a girl who understands me,who supports me in everything i do,and give me enough freedom to enjoy my bachelor not married yet!

enough with relationships~ill be flying my ass back to jakarta on the 6th,so there's only 2 days left for me to enjoy myself,because i'll probably not be coming back for raya haji break.exam...exam...gastroenterohepatology,sounds cool~but HELL A LOT to read : P hopefully i'll do well this semester,I NEED TO.please pray for my success my dear friends : )

-the most interesting event of the week-"the confession" ; )

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1st of syawal,eid mubaraq....i remember.... : )

hey there folks!it's been quite a loooooong time since my last post on ramadhan : P "aku da agak dah....2 weeks je ko neh" yeap ekey,you're right : P haha.well,it's raya eve,and i would like to wish all muslims "selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin" or "selamat idul fitri" to my fellow indonesian friends : )

I remember last year,when i was celebrating raya miles away from home and family,and my favourite ketupat palas and kuah kacang : P in this place called jakarta, even worst, grogol~ it was like a sleepy ghost town that day,where the locals (so called the locals : P) all went home happily to their villages,mostly in central java, leaving jakarta sleepy,inhabitant-free and yes,pollution free : P one can run happily on the streets,without fearing of getting hit by that noisy bajai (bajai is a type of three-wheeled transportation used by the locals, google it : P)

i remember...that day i was wearing my all-black baju melayu,with my mrsm sampin : P searching for a cab,heading to the embassy for the morning eid prayer.well,finding one cab wasn't that easy that particular morning...regarding us being the only people,well,better said inhabitants walking along the streets of tawakal in the early morning of 1st syawal (rats don't ride the cabs though : P) after,well...about half an hour searching that f*ckin cab!finally one blue bird taxi saved the day! : D happily carried our four-big-fat-lazy-asses along the smooth and traffic-free roads,that is usually crammed with cars and people,straight to the kedutaan besar malaysia jakarta,which in those early days there, was the place i called home (well...because they serve malaysian food : P)~

as usual,we arrived quite late that morning,like any other day : P. everyone was in the main hall, chanting the "takbir raya", which was quite synonym with the raya-morning-mood~everyone dressed up nicely,with happy-shiny-faces, smiling : ) the prayer went well,and the "perutusan" from the king was read,which was the most boring part of the day~then,came the BIG FEAST : D ketupat,lemang,kuah kacang and wasn't even near to my maktok's homemade kuah kacang and ketupat palas,but,who gives a damn sh*t about it?u lived abroad,so act like one! : P there's this one malaysian army commando who i think drank about 7 glasses of teh tarik? "rindu makanan malaysia,dah 2 minggu dekat bandung~" : P i felt sorry for him...haha.hyperglycemia~ : P

the event continued with speech from the dato' duta,and that stupid poncho2 dance,which i didn't join (my hip is quite...unflexible : P).went to the wisma malaysia later on, filling our tummies with nasi minyak,credits to maisarah and the gang : ) and sang happily on the wisma's stage,that same ol' lagu raya songs : )
it was a memorable hari raya, even without celebrating it with my beloved family.well,not this year though!this year im home! : D

P/S; i hope u enjoy reading this one izzaty ; )