Thursday, November 18, 2010


another thursday, another cycle of kepaniteraan klinik dasar. last month i was excited on learning clinical skills and having the chance on "acting" like a real doctor. now i'm bored, exhausted and really need something new to freshen up my life a lil' bit. eye examinations. today i learned on how to inspect the anterior chamber,iris,conjunctiva bla2~and please don't get me started on the hours wasted waiting for the lecturer to come in (thank god she's good).

eyes are a pair of gift from god, used to transmit the images captured from the light/colour reflecting medium on/in this planet. one can simply catch all type of colours exist, from the hyper-boring harrison internal medicine textbook to plain porn :P but as a human, frankly speaking, i'm not aware on how valuable these precious eyeballs for me. one will only feel the loss of precious things when one actually lose them. it is called withdrawal syndrome. human beings just will not be easily satisfied, either u have a mountain of precious gold, or a gf as hot as megan fox~one would never feel they had enough. that's why we have corruption and sex scandals (WAYNE ROONEY YOU ARE A SEX MANIAC!!!). so the next time u heard a friend or someone close acting stupid by acting like any i mentioned above?dont criticized them much. they're not angles. they're imperfect fools,like you and me.but yes,you can simply ignore and kick their sorry asses if they're too stupid and repeat their mistakes again and again ( YOU SUCK WAYNE ROONEY!!!)


akie said...

GG rooney.. haha
bru ak tau KKD stands for Kepaniteraan klinik dasar?? kakaka

thereddevil said...

KKD bosan.and rooney sucks